Elder Scrolls Online – Morrowind Battlegrounds Explained

Battlegrounds are a new form of PvP available in Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind. Unlike Cyrodiil, battlegrounds are not Alliance restricted. Players will be able to join teams of four with any other fellow Tamriel adventurers. The three teams that fight in a battleground are assigned colors: green, orange and purple.

Battlegrounds are unlocked at level 10 by all players who have upgraded to Morrowind. They will join by queuing from the Group and Activity menu. Two options are available. Depending on their level players can select 10-40 or 10-50. The scenario is randomly chosen. The level is scaled in battlegrounds just like in Cyrodiil. Matches are designed to be played in less than 15 minutes so players don't need to clear their schedules to take part in a PvP game. Three battle modes are available. Team Deathmatch is team against team. It's a good scenario for those that only wish to fight other players. Kills reward players with team points. Capture the Flag is a team oriented mode. Players have to infiltrate the enemy base, take the flag and safely carry it to their own base. At the same time, they also have to prevent the enemies from taking their flag. Domination is a tactical mode. Teams fight to gain control over map locations. Points are acquired based on how longer a location is controlled by a team. An Elder Scrolls Online game of any type ends when the timer is reached or when the points objective has been met. The team that has the most points at the end or completed the objective first, wins the match.

Besides team points, players can also earn medals when they deal damage, defend, achieve killing blows and so on. These medals count towards XP, alliance points and rewards. Elder Scrolls Online battlegrounds also have related achievements. Leaderboards with weekly reset rank players based on their battleground performances. Rewards are obtained based on rank. So far, there are three maps. Ald Carac is a Dwemer abandoned city. Ularra was once a Daedric shrine. The third map, Foyada Quarry, is located in the Red Mountain. When you play TESO, buy ESO gold Xbox One online will be the easiest way to get gold fast and cheap. Wish you enjoy the game!

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