The Dragonknight - Elder Scrolls Online's most damage resistant class

Dragonknights are one of the four Elder Scrolls Online classes. These fighters are well versed in the arts of war. Many compare them to warriors from other MMORPGs but there's much more to a Dragonknight than heavy weapon skills and damage resistance. Dragonknights are also capable of dealing magic damage with fire spells. Other specializations allow players to build a classic tank type fighter or a fierce two handed berserker. There is also some healing thrown in the mix to ensure great survivability. Three skill lines propose different fighting styles. Most Elder Scrolls Online Dragonknights choose to focus on a single skill line but mixed builds are also viable.

Ardent Flame skill line is based on fire damage. Dragonknights who choose to specialize in Ardent Flame will gain access to fire spells. This skill line is somewhat unique because it allows players to experience Elder Scrolls Online as a spell casting warrior. All Ardent Flame skills deal fire damage. Morphing alternatives come with debuffs, crowd control perks and even some self healing. Skills consume magicka so this stat becomes a valuable attribute for Ardent Flame Dragonknights. Besides cheap ESO Gold, most players will want to equip staves and light armor that enhances magic damage but other choices are not completely out of the question.

Draconic Power is a mix between tanking and damage dealing. The five active abilities in this skill line allow players to deal damage to multiple enemies at a time, to shield themselves from damage with buffs and to perform some self healing. Draconic Power Dragonknights can steal HP from their enemies and reflect damage. Sword and shield combined with heavy armor is the most popular gear choice as most Draconic Power players will opt to become tanks.

Earthen Heart combines tanking with support. This Dragonknight skill line contains damage dealing abilities, crowd control, party buffs and damage mitigation. Earthen Heart is a great choice when playing in a group because it provides great support and a bit of DPS on the side. Off tanking can be performed as well. This specialization is also good for soloing. Weapons depend on players' preferences but one handed and shield is the most seen combination. Medium or heavy armor is the most common armor choice.

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