The Nightblade – A Unique Elder Scrolls Online Class

The Nightblade class allows Elder Scrolls Online adventurers to play either as a damage dealing rogue or as a healer. This combination is rather unique. There are many MMORPG classes that have both DPS and healing specializations but a healer rogue is quite uncommon. Just like the other Elder Scrolls Online classes, The Nightblade has tree skill lines and one of them has support and healing abilities. Most players will choose Khajiit or Redguard races when playing this class. Khajiit has some stealth perks while a Redguard will regenerate Stamina faster.

Assassination is a DPS specialization. This skill line is the traditional MMORPG rogue or assassin. Apart from one ability that provides dodge and some buffs, all skills in this line focus on damage dealing and effects that increase offensive abilities. Assassination skill line goes hand in hand with Redguard and Khajiit races. Assassins prefer dual wielding with daggers being the primary weapons. Swords or axes make a good choice as well. Medium armor is the best choice as it allows mobility and Stamina regeneration.

Shadow specialization is for AOE damage dealing and crowd control. Nightblades who choose this specialization will unlock abilities that deal damage to multiple enemies and crowd control them with stuns and fear. As the name suggests, stealth is a primary mechanic for this Elder Scrolls Online class. Shadow Cloak is an ability that allows the character to vanish from sight for a few seconds. When Nightblades break stealth they receive a major damage increase or gain damage reduction. The Ultimate skill also provides damage reduction for the caster and for the party.

Siphoning is a support specialization. This skill line allows Nightblades to do damage and to help their party members. The interesting mechanic is that healing is mostly done indirectly through damage. The Nightblades don't have HP restoring spells, their damaging abilities also provide healing when morphed. Siphoning abilities cost Magicka so players will want to choose some gear that boosts this stat. Different types of one handed weapons can be used. If you like playing Nightblade, Cheap ESO gold will help you a lot in game. There are also a lot of cheap ESO Power Leveling service online which will help you level up your character fast and in the mean time save your time.

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