NBA 2K18 – Use These Two Features When Playing MyLeague and MyGM

MyLeague and MyGM are NBA 2K18 modes that received many improvements and updates in the 2017 iteration. Old features were revised and new ones were added to make the game feel as realistic as possible. Both modes allow players to be in charge of teams and leagues and both provide numerous tools that mimic real NBA rules. Two of the newly added features are international draft prospect stashing and the analytic tool. 

Finding players is an important duty of any manager. The NBA draft is one crucial moment for NBA players but also for those who are in charge of recruiting. NBA fans might be familiar with the recruiting strategy called draft and stash. This means finding an international player and bringing him into the NBA to achieve maximum development. This tactic is now available in-game thanks to the international draft prospect stashing feature. International players will be available for recruitment when they finish the contract with their current team. Basically, the prospect is selected but he is not available right away. This brings a new level of planning into the game and allows for even more complex managerial gameplay. 

Another newly introduced feature that gives users more control over player scouting is the analytics tool. There are plenty of important facts that can be extracted using this feature. Players will use it to discover data and statistics about the basketball players. It's now easier to determine what players are needed for a team as the analytics tool provides plenty of information when comparing stats and performance on the court. Criteria like player attributes and various game stats are used. The tool can be set to take into consideration stats from last games, from a certain number of past games, from all games in a season, from past seasons, or from all the games in which a player took part throughout his career. The feature gives players the option to make all sorts of player charts using data like age, wingspan, salary, and so on.  

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