Celebrate Spring with the New Elder Scrolls Online Crown Crates

2017-03-06 14:21
The second Elder Scrolls Online crown crates season is themed around Wild Hunt. In Elder Scrolls lore, the Wild Hunt is a magical ability that only Bosmer member can use. Some embrace the Wild Hunt while others regard it as a curse. When transformed by the Wild Hunt, the Wood Elves go back to a primordial Dawn Era state. They turn into beasts with immense powers but almost no self control. They hunt anyone who crosses their path, even fellow Wild Hunt monsters. Wild Hunt crown crates contain pets, mounts, transformations and housing ESO items. Players can mount on a Wild Hunt bear or senche, gain the Wild Hunt aura and decorate their home with a Hircine tapestry. Elder Scrolls Online crown store lists three options for purchasing Wild Hunt crown crates. A crate costs 400 crowns, for four crates players get a small discount and those who acquire 15 crates will pay 5000 crowns.

Crown Crates were introduced in late 2016. They are basically premium loot boxes that contain various items. Each crate has randomized loot ranging from consumables to unique collectibles. Pets, mounts and cosmetic customization options are some of the vanity items that can be found inside a crown crate. These crates are appealing because they might contain items that have been retired from the Elder Scrolls Online crown shop or items that were available during a limited time period. A crown crate will always contain four items. There's also a chance to receive a bonus item along with the four that are a guaranteed drop. The good thing about the crown crates system is that it doesn't allow players to obtain duplicates. If players acquire an item they already have they will be given crown gems instead. Players can also exchange unwanted items for crown gems if they wish to do so. Exchangeable items include potions, XP scrolls and such. Crown gems can be used to acquire new Elder Scrolls Online crown crates. The first crown crates season was themed around Storm Atronachs. Stay tuned with eso and buy ESO gold cheap from esogoldsale.com.

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