Get More Rewards During the Thieves Guild Festivity in Elder Scrolls Online

Elder Scrolls Online players have the chance to double their earnings during the Thieves Guild celebration event. The festivities will be held in Hew's Bane, one of the zones included in the DLC pack. This premium content addition was added one year ago and developers decided to celebrate the its anniversary with a special event. Thieves are all about loot so what better way to honor them than to increase the rewards. Players are invited to revisit Hew's Bane and check out what's going on.

Upon their arrival in Hew's Bane, adventurers will notice that crafting nodes now give more ESO items cheap. This is a good opportunity to farm crafting nodes and to collect a double amount of items. Survey report nodes are not affected by this so only normal nodes give more rewards. Players will also get better rewards for downing world bosses and other enemies that lurk around Hew's Bane. The bosses of Maw of Lorkhaj are of particular interest to those who want to obtain more defiled whiskers. This is an item using for crafting in a certain Elder Scrolls Online style. Heists are more profitable than ever. Players will be glad to receive perfect Heist prizes when taking part in normal Heists. Those who participate in perfect Heists will be rewarded with a double amount of crates.

This Elder Scrolls Online event is not just a great moment to double Thieves Guild related earnings but also to acquire the DLC. The special collector bundle can be obtained for a lower amount of Crowns during the celebration. The special bundle includes the base DLC, XP scrolls, a pet and a mount. Those who want to acquire the DLC only will pay 25% less of the usual price. Besides quests, world bosses and content additions, the DLC unlocks Thieves Guild skill line, a set of six passive abilities. Players who have access to the DLC through the premium subscription won't lose these abilities when the subscription expires. They will keep all the abilities but won't be able to level them anymore. Thieves Guild DLC is unlocked for 2000 Elder Scrolls Online Crowns. At last, buy ESO Gold cheap online when you need them during the festivity. Or buy ESO Power Leveling directly which is also safe and cheap.

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