How to Become a Better Elder Scrolls Online Craftsman with Crafting Writs

Elder Scrolls Online players interested in crafting have a feature called crafting writs designed to ease the crafting leveling process. To unlock these writs, players first need to complete their certification. There are two ways to do this. Players that are at least level six can take the necessary quest from a writ board found in any main city or they can go directly to a profession trainer. Only two of these quests can be completed at a time but players can eventually unlock them all. Certification trainers task players with a few quests that will unlock the writs system once they are successfully finished. There are two NPCs. One deals with alchemy, provisioning and enchanting and the other with the three other Elder Scrolls Online professions.

In addition to writs unlock, there is another reason to complete the certification quests. It works as a crafting tutorial and the quests are very easy to complete. Players that are at least rank 10 can skip it if they wish. Certifications for all Elder Scrolls Online professions can be achieved but players can only work towards two at a time. After the certification is obtained, players can check a writs board in any of the major cities. Writs are basically profession related quests. Players will have to create various items such as consumables, foods or equipment depending on their profession. Requirements to complete a crafting writ scale with player's profession skill and level. After players craft the necessary items they will turn them in at designated NPCs and get a reward. It's possible to complete writs for multiple professions per day but only one per profession similar to a daily quest. Elder Scrolls Online writs offer an easy way to level up ESO professions and to get crafting materials. Survey reports are found in the reward bundle. These are maps that show locations where materials are found. Nodes can be seen or harvested only by that player who used the survey report so there will be no competition. The reward also includes recipes. Here is a small guide for you to become a better TESO craftsman, welcome visit our site to get more game guide and cheap ESO Gold!

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